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Every year AXA Achievementsm awards over $1.4 million in scholarships to outstanding young people across the nation. Learn about and hear from our 2015 National and State scholarship winners.

The 2015 Equitable Achievementsm  Community winners have been announced.  View the the impressive roster.


2015 Equitable ACHIEVERS

Introducing the incredible and inspiring 2015 National Equitable Achievers. (Alphabetical by state)


Anvita Gupta

Scottsdale, AZ
BASIS Scottsdale

Anvita created a computer science program, LITAS, to teach middle school girls programming, with the goal of increasing the number of women in STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering & Math] professions.  In its inaugural year, LITAS had more than 40 girls enrolled.  The girls learned to program games, apps and animations.  At the end of the program, students present their work to leading tech companies at a Tech Showcase.


Elliot Suiter

Johnston, IA
Johnston High School

Elliot designed and built a 400-watt wind turbine from readily available and relatively inexpensive materials.  He posted his plan online in a step-by-step format that can be easily replicated by others.  In just 7 weeks, more than 98,000 people accessed the plan, many of them will use it to build their own turbine.  Elliot’s project enhances environmental preparedness by improving environmental stewardship at the level of the individual through more widespread use of wind energy.


Matthew Cappucci

Plymouth, MA
Sturgis Charter Public School East

Matthew is the youngest person to present at any American Meteorological Society conference.  He became interested in weather and meteorology at a very early age.  He is currently the weekday evening meteorologist on local Cape Cod television.  At age 15  he submitted an abstract of his research to the American Meteorological Society, which resulted in changes to the National Weather Service warning process.  Matthew was recognized with an invitation to attend multiple conferences across the country to present his research.


Sarah Caldwell

Falmouth, ME
Falmouth High School

Since the death of her father from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Sarah has been involved in ALS awareness and training.  She raised over $45,000, attended national ALS conferences, met with members of Congress and distributed awareness bracelets nationwide.  She remains in contact with ALS doctors and scientists regarding the current research on possible ALS treatment options.  Sarah also wrote a soon to be published memoir detailing her journey with her father’s illness, to help others who have parents who are terminally ill.


Nicholas Hibbeler

Kansas City, MO
Park Hill High School

In July 2013, Nicholas was diagnosed with Stage 2 testicular cancer during a routine sports physical.  After six rounds of chemotherapy and five surgeries, he beat cancer and launched the “CHECK 2 Campaign” to encourage male athletes to request a testicular examination during their sports physicals.  Through his efforts, he has increased testicular cancer awareness and helped coordinate two Kick-Out Cancer fundraisers, raising nearly $9,000 for services for children with cancer.


Adedayo Gbadamosi

Jackson, NJ
Marine Academy of Technology & Environmental Science

Adedayo developed a safe, accurate and low-cost way to detect pathogenic bacteria in liquids such as wastewater.  With the potential to prevent thousands of pathogen-based illnesses per year, he discovered that indirectly utilizing microbial fuel cells, molecular cholesterol and anti-microbial peptides can create a pathogen biosensor that detects a variety of pathogens even at minimal concentrations.  Adedayo is looking to secure a provisional patent on his system.


Evan Gong

Henderson, NV
Nevada Virtual Academy

Evan started a financial literacy campaign in 2014 that reached more than 50 low-income students, parents and youth through the University of Nevada, Las Vegas TRiO.  Additionally, Evan drafted legislation that will be heard in the 2015 Legislative Session in Carson City, Nevada, requiring age-appropriate financial literacy instruction in Nevada’s 6-12 grade mathematics standards.


Valerie Ding

Portland, OR
Catlin Gabel School

Valerie conducted an independent science study that used computer simulation to identify a highly efficient, quantitative, automated methodology to quickly design and optimize multi-junction quantum dot solar cells.  This innovation helps researchers and engineers develop low-cost, high-efficiency solar energy.  Rapid increase in usage of solar power will play a critical role in reducing our carbon footprint and pollution emissions, which are sources of significant environmental, climate and health concerns.


Bryce Badura

Midlothian, VA
Clover Hill High School

In honor of a childhood friend who battled and beat cancer, Bryce founded and organized an annual charity race, the Dunkin’ Donuts Munchkins Run.  A sell-out four years in a row, the Run has engaged 4,000 participants, 400 volunteers and raised $100,000 for the ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation, enabling them to reach 1,000 kids annually.  Through this event, Bryce has been able to increase the awareness and empathy for kids struggling with childhood cancers by engaging the community in the courageous battle these kids fight.


Kelsey Lantz

Clarksburg, WV
Robert C. Byrd High School

Having suffered severe concussions playing soccer, Kelsey launched Heads Up Concussion Awareness.  Using information from the Center for Disease Control, she taught athletes the signs, symptoms and proper treatment of concussions.  By speaking with athletes, coaches and parents on concussion awareness, obtaining pledges to play smart, and sharing her personal struggle , she has helped influence her community to erase the stigma related to concussions and place athletes’ health above  the game.